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TFM deception

hexiel in fourtotems

Get your head in the game!

Hello I'm Menolly, and I'm a shaman.

This shaman.

As a general rule, I am enhancement. I like to run in and hack things to death.
Last week I tried elemental for a change. It wasn't pretty.
It needed to be done because I needed to figure out what gear to keep and what to ditch. This was 'cause +healing and spelldamage were merged. This left me with two veeeery similar sets of gear.

I discovered that my average dps as elemental was higher despite my gear being worse. My survivability fell sharply, basically my only hope was to make 'it' dead before it got to me. So running Strat alone would have been impossible. I also found the playstyle incredibly boring, but then, I'm not a caster at heart. I also missed my wolves.

So back to what I know. I am still getting to grips with looking for different stats in my gear. I mean, I only recently regemmed all my gear, replacing those str gems for agi. It's made a huge differnce to my dps that's for sure. And I do realise that's it's been quite some time since all these things changed. But when you spend a lot of time messing about and killing very low level mobs for rep you tend not to notice that your dps has slumped.

That said, I hit level 71 2 days ago so I'm feeling wired to quest to level now.
Still in outland. I'm in Nagrand at the moment. I've cleared Zanagar and Terokkar Forest, a couple for to do in Hellfire and that's done too. I'm not sure about Blade's, Shadowmoon and Netherstorm.

That pretty much sums up my toon. I could ramble something chronic but i'll space things out :)

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Congrats on the title. I didn't realise you had this community here, so I hope you don't mind me joining. I need to start playing and writing more.

Anyhow, cya back in the game :)
well this is technically a replacement for the wolfkin guild comm (which became obsolete when blizz implemented calendars and the ability to link your professions etc).
pete's blog seems to have died because only you and i write in it (despite being told that we ought to post at least once a week). so i thought i'd return to the laid back environment of livejournal.

you're welcome to post anything wow related :) but not obligated to in any way.

i'm going to try to be around this evening on wow. xx


June 2009

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